Dance of Blades


You have learned the traditional cart-wheeling, swordswinging, cavorting dance of the ancient Turanian nobility. It is a beautiful mixture of tumbling, fixed dance steps and the twirling of very sharp scimitars. Not only is it breathtaking to behold, but your skill with it when applied in combat makes you a deadly blur of flashing steel and crimson blood.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +5, Perform (dance) 6 ranks, Tumble 6 ranks, Two-Weapon Fighting.

Special Prerequisite: Must be Shemitish, Turanian, Khorajan, or Iranistani.

Benefit: By spending a full-round action and succeeding in a DC 18 Tumble check (+1 for every enemy currently threatening you), you use the dance of blades to move about within a combat, lashing out with your weapons. If you succeed in the skill check you may move exactly as though you made a normal Tumble check, ignoring attacks of opportunity while doing so. The difference is that you may take a full-round action’s worth of attacks, in any order, against any targets you threaten during this move.

Dance of Blades

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