Leadership (General)
Your powerful leadership qualities enable you to draw a band of loyal followers to your side.
Prerequisite: Character level 6th.
Benefits: Having this feat enables a character to attract loyal companions and devoted followers to assist him. You gain a single cohort – a ‘sidekick’ close to your ability – and a variable number of lesser followers according to the table below. Your base Leadership score is equal to your characterlevel + your Charisma modifier.

Leadership Score Cohort Level Followers
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
1 or lower
2 1st
3 1st
4 2nd 1
5 2nd 2
6 3rd 3
7 3rd 5
8 4th 8
9 4th 12
10 5th 18
11 5th 25
12 6th 32 1
13 6th 40 1
14 7th 50 2 1
15 7th 60 2 1
16 8th 70 3 1
17 8th 85 3 1
18 9th 100 4 2 1
19 9th 120 5 2 1
20 10th 150 6 3 1
21 10th 200 8 3 1
22 11th 250 10 4 2 1
23 11th 300 12 4 2 1
24 12th 350 14 5 2 1
25 12th 400 16 5 2 1
26 13th 500 20 6 3 1
27 13th 600 24 6 3 1 -
28 14th 800 32 8 4 2 1
29 14th 1000 40 10 4 2 1
30 15th 1250 50 13 5 2 1
31 15th 1500 60 15 5 2 1
32 16th 2000 80 20 6 3 1
33 16th 2500 100 25 7 3 1
34 17th 3000 120 30 8 4 2
35 orhigher 17th 4000 160 40 10 4 2

Leadership Modifiers: Several factors can affect a character’s Leadership score, causing it to vary from the base score. The noble class feature Enhanced Leadership gives a bonus to a character’s Leadership score. A character’s Reputation modifier to skill checks (see page 85) applies to his Leadership score for cohorts only. Other forms of reputation affect the Leadership score as shown on the table below.

Leader’s Reputation Modifier
Great renown +2
Fairness and generosity +1
Special power +1
Failure –1
Aloofness –1
Cruelty –2

Other modifiers apply to attracting followers only:

The Leader… Modifier
Has a stronghold, base of operations,temple, or the like +2
Has the Priest feat +1
Is a king, shah, or other supreme rank in a nation +4*
Moves around a lot –1
Caused the death of other followers –1

*A king will doubtless have other armies under his command as well as his own followers; however, the only forces he can trust implicitly are those he gains directly through the Leadership feat.

Cohorts have different priorities. When thecharacter tries to attract a cohort, use any of the following modifiers that apply.

The Leader… Modifier
Has a demonic pact –2*
Has a code of honour different from that of the cohort –1
Has no code of honour, but the cohort does (or vice versa) –2
Caused the death of a cohort –2!
  • This penalty only applies if the cohort fears and mistrusts those allied with demons.
    ! Cumulative per cohort killed

Leadership Score: A character’s base Leadership score equals his level plus any Charisma modifier he has. In order to take into account negative Charisma modifiers, this table allows for very low Leadership scores but the character must still be 6th level or higher in order to gain the Leadership feat. Outside factors can affect a character’s Leadership score, as
detailed above.

Cohort Level: The character can attract a cohort of up to this level. Regardless of a character’s Leadership score, he can only recruit a cohort who is two or more levels lower than himself. A character can try to attract a cohort of a particular race, class and code of honour.

Cohorts earn XP as follows:

The cohort does not count as a party member when determining the party’s XP.

Divide the cohort’s level by the level of the character who attracted him with the Leadership feat

Multiply this result by the total XP awarded to this character and add that number of Experience Points to the cohort’s total.

If a cohort gains enough XP to bring it to a level one lower than the associated character’s level, the cohort does not gain the new level; its new XP total is one fewer than the amount needed to attain the next level.

Number of Followers by Level: The character can lead up to the indicated number of characters of each level. Followers are similar to cohorts, except they are generally low-level Non-player Characters. As they are usually five or more levels behind the character they follow, they are not as effective in one-on-one combat as the player Characters but can be a formidable force for waging large-scale war.

Followers do not earn experience and thus do not gain levels. However, when a character with Leadership attains a new level, the player consults the table above to determine if he has acquired more followers, some of which may be higher level than the existing followers. He does not consult the table to see if his cohort gains levels, however, because cohorts earn experience on their own.


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