Glimpses of Hyboria

Kothic Honour
Kingdom of the Apes
Ruins of Sin in the Black Kingdoms

Knowing his destiny is at hand, Ti-matupa!t a.k.a. Ti-ma seeks the approval of a Kushite Priestess. While visiting the bucolic village, a vicious band of possessed apes that fight like men, kidnaps Ajay-Mensa and force the warriors into the depths of the jungle to rescue her.

640x428 15521 gorilla 2d fantasy gorilla warrior picture image digital art

Heretics of Tarantia
A cloak and dagger yarn in Tarantia

For centuries, the cult of Mitra was the only religion allowed in Aquilonia – all others forbidden by edict of the crown. However, the ascension of King Conan to the Aquilonia’s throne changed all that. Not only was Conan himself a worshipper of Crom, but his barbarian temperament could not abide the prospect of persecution of others simply because of the gods they chose to follow. After witnessing one act of religious intolerance after another, King Conan decreed that every man in his realm be free to worship whatever god he may chose.

King Conan’s edict was the subject of strident opposition. Many, throughout Aquilonia, feared that allowing Hyboria’s other religions to openly exist within the borders of the country would ultimately destroy it, diluting its most powerful unifying force – religion.

Several years have passed since King Conan’s edict and thus far Aquilonia has not unravelled nor has the dominance of Mitra ebbed. Still,a burning, fervent need to stop the potential spread of other religions and save Aquilonia from the edicts of the barbarian king has prevailed. Now a band of zealous priests have turned to their sacred texts, seeking answers and justifications and, in the name of piety, have stripped the words of context and intent, finding within their sacred passages, intended to promote peace, civilization and forgiveness, rationalizations for the embracing of sin, darkness and violence in the name of a greater good…

Midnight on the Ocean
A quintessential Conan adventure

A murder on board your ship leaves one of your number as the prime suspect. Now you must prove his innocence to avoid an angry crew stringing him up from the yardarm, and what additional terrors lurk upon the mysterious island marked on a map you discover during the investigation…

The Tower of the Elephant
Twisted treasures of a mad priest

The Maul of Arenjun. Nearly as infamous a lair of wolfish thieves as Shadizar itself. Murders and con-men, prostitutes and deserters; those who have no where else to turn find shelter in the crowded, fetid streets of this city.

Among the desperados in the nameless taverns are four fresh faces. Fools who laugh at death and inquire about the one edifice that sets Arenjun apart from the capital of Zingara – the Elephant’s Tower.

The men of Arenjun fear little, save a debt collector with an armed guard, but even these hardened rogues know better than to even speak the name of the priest who is said to be master of the Tower. He is known as Yar’a.
A few questions led to more than the four bravoes bargained for. Wandering through the refuse strewn streets, an old man waved them over, insisting that he knew what they were seeking. Things were not as they appeared.

“You seek the Heart of the Elephant. Don’t deny it. I have eyes and ears enough in the Maul. I will aid you if you aid me…”


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