Background Skills
Each major race or variant race gains three or four Background Skills, as defined in this section. For each Background Skill in a racial Background Skill listing, a character of that race gains two ranks of the appropriate skill, whether or not it would usually be a class skill for him. Everyone gets Knowledge (local to represent the appropriate general knowledge picked up during a character’s childhood.

Favoured Classes
Each race has one or more favoured classes. Favoured classes grant bonus feats. A character who gains levels in the favoured class for his race gains one bonus feat at 1st level in that class, one at 5th level and one at 10th level. Note that it is always the character’s class level that is considered for purposes of favoured class bonus feats, not his total character level.
For races with two or more favoured classes, add a character’s level in the favoured classes together to determine his favoured class level.

Prohibited Classes
Certain races never produce members of a particular class, at least at low levels. Any class listed as a prohibited class for a particular race may never be selected as the initial, 1st level class for a character of that race. At the Games Master’s discretion, a character may later be permitted to
gain levels in a prohibited class, so long as he has sufficient opportunity.

Each race has one or two Automatic Languages and several Bonus Languages listed at the end of the race entry. Every character learns the Automatic Language or Languages for his race and may select a number of racial bonus languages, which he also knows, equal to his Intelligence modifier plus three, to a minimum of one. A character who learns all the racial bonus languages and still has some bonus languages left to learn may choose from any language in the game.
Furthermore, every character learns one new language at 1st level and every other level thereafter (3rd, 5th, 7th and so on). This is known as a level bonus language and represents
the necessity for all adventuring characters to rapidly learn the local language wherever they go. There is no ‘common tongue’ in the Hyborian Age, so all travellers typically know a large number of languages. The Games Master usually selects this level bonus language for all characters. He most commonly chooses the language spoken in the area in which the scenario takes place. Finally, it is always possible for a character to learn a new language through roleplay and effort. Typically, approximately two months are needed to learn a new language from scratch but someone who simply immerses himself in a culture that speaks the language exclusively can accomplish this in a shorter time.

Bonus Feats
Some races allow players to select bonus feats. Unless otherwise specified, when selecting these ignore any prerequisite that requires a minimum of +1 in any given area. For example, the Dodge feat ordinarily requires a minimum Dex of 13 and a Dodge bonus of +1. When selected as a racial bonus feat, it requires only a minimum Dex of 13.

Variant Races
Several of the major races include variations for specific regions. For example, the Shemites are generally renowned for their mastery of the desert. However, the Meadow Shemites actually live a pastoral life in their great Meadow Cities and so use the Meadow Shemite variant. Note that
variant races are not usually given such detailed descriptions as their major races, since in most cases their culture, religion and names will be similar or identical to those of the major race. If you want to play a Meadow Shemite, you have all the bonuses and penalties of being a Shemite plus all the bonuses and penalties of being a Meadow Shemite. Important Note: Variant races use all of the base race bonuses and penalties in addition to their own, except when specified otherwise in the descriptions. However, when variant races specify favoured or restricted classes
that differ from those of the major race, these variant race classes supersede those given for the major race.
Religion: Crom, ‘Lord of the Mound,’ is the chief god. Others include Lir, the god
of knowledge, Mannanan, the god of poetry and travel, Morrigan, the goddess of war, Badb, the goddess of fireand fury, Macha and Nemain ‘The Venomous.’ The Cimmerians do not truly worship these gods, believing that the gods despise weaklings who call on them for help.
Creating the Cimmerian race was gift enough. As a result, Cimmerians are often sceptical of more demonstrative forms of worship.
Racial Features: All of the following are Cimmerian racial features:

  • +2 Strength, –2 Intelligence
  • +1 racial bonus to all Will saving throws:
  • +2 racial bonus to all Climb checks
  • +2 circumstance bonus to all Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Survival and Spot checks made in temperate or cold hills and mountains.
  • –2 racial penalty to all Diplomacy checks and verbal based Bluff checks. Note that this penalty does not apply to Bluff checks based on body language, as Cimmerians are often excellent at feinting in combat and other non-verbal uses of Bluff.
  • Cimmerians may not have any religion other than Crom and the Cimmerian pantheon and may never gain any benefit from worshipping that or another pantheon. If a Cimmerian ever does worship a non-Cimmerian god, he loses the gifts of Crom: his +2 bonus to Strength and
    +1 racial bonus to Will saving throws.
    Background Skills: Climb, Knowledge (local), Move Silently and Survival.
    Favoured Class: Barbarian
    Prohibited Classes: Noble, Nomad, Pirate, Scholar
    Automatic Languages: Cimmerian
    Bonus Languages: Nordheimer, Pictish, Aquilonian, Hyperborean

Himelian Tribesman
Religion: The savage Himelian tribesmen worship primitive totemistic deities and demons, such as Hanuman, the Ape God, in appeasement of the carnivorous apes of the area. Some may also worship Asura.
Racial Features: All of the following are Himelian racial features:

  • +2 circumstance bonus to all Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Survival and Spot checks made in any hills and mountains
  • +1 racial bonus to all Hide and Move Silently checks: Though the tribes are occasionally
    led to open battle by a particularly charismatic chieftain, they prefer to attack their enemies with stealthy raids and midnight assassinations.
  • +2 racial bonus to starting hit points.
  • –2 racial penalty to save against hypnotism of any kind.
    Background Skills: Climb, Hide and Move Silently.
    Favoured Class: Barbarian
    Prohibited Classes: Noble, Pirate, Temptress
    Automatic Languages: Afghuli
    Bonus Languages: Vendhyan, Hyrkanian, Iranistani
    Racial Features: The Wazuli should be treated as standard Himelian tribesmen except as follows:
  • Bonus feat: Eyes of the Cat: The Wazuli have probably the best night vision of any human peoples. They are the only military force to ever ambush Conan himself successfully, thanks to their superior knowledge of the terrain and unsurpassed low-light vision. They need not meet the usual prerequisites for the feat.
  • +2 circumstance bonus to all Hide, Spot and Search checks made during conditions of darkness or dim light; that is, when they need to use their Eyes of the Cat feat.
  • –1 morale penalty to all attack rolls and skill checks made during the hours of daylight.
    Favoured Class: Barbarian
    Prohibited Classes: Noble, Pirate, Temptress
    Automatic Languages: Afghuli
    Bonus Languages: Vendhyan, Hyrkanian, Iranistani

Racial Features: All of the following are Hyborian racial features:

  • Adaptability: A Hyborian may choose two skills that for him are always treated as class skills, whatever his character class. Furthermore, he gains a +2 competence bonus to all checks with those two skills.
  • Weapon Familiarity: Hyborians can wield greatswords as though they were martial weapons rather than exotic weapons.
  • +1 racial bonus to Fate Points.
    Background Skills: Knowledge (local) and any other four skills, as chosen by the player.
    Favoured Class: All classes. A Hyborian gains a favoured class bonus feat at 1st level, 5th level and 10th level, whatever his class or combination of classes. His levels in all his character classes are added together to determine his favoured class level, even if he is a multiclass character.
    Automatic Languages: The language of whichever Hyborian kingdom the character lives in. This will be Bossonian, Nemedian, Aquilonian, Brythunian, Ophirean, Corinthian, Hyperborean, Kothic or Argossean.
    Bonus Languages: Stygian, Nemedian, Aquilonian, Bossonian, Brythunian, Ophirean, Corinthian, Hyperborean, Zingaran, Zamorian, Pictish, Kothic, Argossean, Shemitish.


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