Armor as Damage Reduction

Armour in Conan acts as Damage Reduction (DR).
Some weapons have an Armour Piercing (AP) rating that bypasses DR.

Any piece of armour can be increased by DR 1 if a helmet is worn.

If a character suffers a hit from a weapon with a total AP score equal to or exceding the DR of his armour, the DR provided is halved for that blow.

Example: Defender has DR 4 , attacker’s weapon has AP 5. Attacker does 8 damage. Because AP exceeds DR, the DR of 4 is halved to 2, therefore 6 damage (8 – reduced AP of 2 = 6) occurs.

A weapon with no AP score does not benefit from Strength bonuses. Conversely, a weapon with an AP score does benefit from Strength bonuses.

Anytime armour his hit by a weapon dealing 20 points or more, the DR is reduced by 1d4 and needs repair. (craft rules on page 179). This occurs in combat and the new, reduced DR applies from that point forward.

Finesse fighters use different rules when dealing with armour and DR. Finesse fighters never add Strength to their AP score. However, if a finesse fighter’s attack roll beats the targets chosen Defence (Dodge or Parry) by a number equal to at least the DR of the armour, that armour is completely ignored. Finesse fighters never damage armour during attacks.

Armor as Damage Reduction

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