Available Conan Game modules

Available Conan Game modules
by level and length

One-Offs! (Varying Quality)

  • The Children of Ishti: Levels 2-4 set in Stygia
  • Cursed Tomb of Al’Amar: Levels 3-4 on the steppes of Hyrkania
  • Tales of the Black Kingdoms: Levels 3-4
    Three adventures set in the Black Kingdoms of Hyboria. Meant to be played in order.
  • Shroud over Zabhela: Cultists and treasure maps.
  • Ruins of Atlaia: civil war swirls around you.
  • The Red Citadel: Revenge, treasure and some devilry.
  • The Black Altar of Katar: 4-5: set in the dark jungles of Vendhya
  • The Lurking Terror of Nehab: Levels 4-6: A terror stalks the populace while nobles feud.
  • The Thing that Lurks: 5-6: set in the bowels of Shadizar
  • Honour of Men: Levels 6-7 in the wild borderlands of the north
  • Reavers of the Vilayet: Levels 7-8: a seafaring race against evil. Who will get to the artifact first?

Longer Adventures

  • Shadizar Boxed Set “City of Wickedness” – all levels (adjustable)
  • Messentia Boxed Set: “City of Riches” – all levels (adjustable)
  • Betrayer of Asgard: Short Campaign for levels 5 to 9
  • Trail of Blood: Full, campaign length saga starting at level 1

Completed Modules

  • Tower of the Elephant: Levels 4-6
  • Midnight on the Ocean: Levels 5-7: a nautical murder mystery
  • Heretics of Tarantia: Levels 5-7: during Conan’s reign as king, the heroes get wrapped up in a religious intrigue.
  • The Scroll of Tsothemenes: Levels 3-4 in the Pictish wilderness
  • Kingdom of Apes: 5-6 wilderness adventure with dungeon crawl

Available Conan Game modules

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