Combat Maneuvers

Aid Another

You help a friend attack or defend by distracting or interfering with their opponent.

Action: Standard
Circumstance: A character is in position to make a melee attack on an opponent that is engaging a friend inmelee combat.
Effect: The character can attempt to aid his friend as a standard action by making an attack roll against a Defence of 10. If he succeeds, his friend gains either a +2 bonus on his next attack roll against that opponent, or a +2 bonus to Defence against that opponent’s next attack (character’s choice), as long as that attack comes before the beginning of the character’s next turn. Multiple characters can aid the same friend and similar bonuses stack.
A character can also use this manoeuvre to help a friend in other ways, such as when he is affected by a spell or to assist another character’s skill check.


You prepare to loose an especially accurate arrow.

Action: Full-round
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1.
Circumstance: The character uses a bow or crossbow.
Effect: The character gains a +2 circumstance bonus to his next ranged attack. This ranged attack must be taken as his first action in the round following the one in which he takes the Aim action.

Block and Counter

You can intercept your opponent’s attack and react to it.

Prerequisites: Intricate Swordplay, Parry, Combat Expertise, Combat Refl exes, Any one of the following feats: Improved Disarm or Improved Trip or Weapon Specialisation (arming
sword or broadsword)
Circumstance: You declare you are using the Combat Expertise feat, subtracting from your attack rolls to increase your Parry Defence.
Effect: If an attack misses by 5 points or more, you gain an immediate attack of opportunity in the form of a disarm (if you have Improved Disarm), trip (if you have Improved Trip)or additional melee attack (if you have Weapon Specialisation). The counter-attack spends one of your attacks of opportunity. The penalty to attack from the Combat Expertise does apply to the counter attack.

Bull’s Charge

A low charge can get you under your enemy’s guard to stab deep into his belly. However, doing so renders you very vulnerable to a counterattack.

Prerequisite: Str 13, Power Attack.
Circumstance: Charging. Declare you are using this move before making the attack.
Effect: You gain a +2 bonus on your damage roll when charging but you provoke an attack of opportunity from your target before you can make your attack roll.

Called Strike
You aim yur attack at a specific body part of your foe, inflicting specific damage effects hen successful.

Action: Full-round
Prerequisites: Base Attack bonus 3+
Circumstances: the character makes a slow but deliberate attack at a a damageable location on his target.
Effect: taking a full-round action to make a single attack against his target, the character takes a variable penalty in order to potentially cause Permanent Damage upon them. The following table shows the locations that can be targeted and the to-hit penalty associated with them:

Permanent Damage Type Called Strike Modifier
Painful wound -2
Hideous scar -2
Lim Damaged (arm) -4
Limb Damaged (leg) -3
Sensory Organ damage (attacker’s choice) -6
Excessive Blood Loss -5
Head Trauma -10

Special: If the optional rules for Permanent Damage are not being used, all Called Strikes should be made at a -8 penalty, but merely inflict double the weapon’s damage dice on a successful hit.

Cat’s Parry

You parry your opponent’s wrist, rather than his blade.

Prerequisite: Combat Expertise, Base attack bonus +4.
Circumstance: You are being attacked in melee while using the Combat Expertise feat. Declare you are using this move before the attack is made.
Effect: Your attacker gains a +4 circumstance bonus to his attack roll but if he misses, you may immediately make an attack of opportunity against him.


You may attempt to strangle your opponent when in a grapple.

Prerequisities: Improved Grapple.
Circumstance: you must bein a grapple.
Effect: During a grapple, you may use the specal Cooke action. You can choke your opponent for one round by winning an oppossed grapple check (made in place of an attack). Normal suffocatin rules apply with on exception: since this is a violent suffocation, the character can only hold his breath for one round per point of Constitutio. If a character successfully braks out of a choke, he is considered stunned for one additional round after.
Noraml: Chocking is not a volid grappling option.

Combine Damage

Your speed allows you to readily dispatch opponents.

Prerequisite: More than one attack per round, Combat Expertise, Quick Draw, Wis 13, Dex 13
Circumstance: You must make a Full Attack action and all the attacks must succeed and be directed against the same target.
Effect: You can string your full-attack action attacks together, striking with such speed
that all the damage from the different attacks count as if they were dealt in a single attack.
Since the attacks are more based on speed than power, this manoeuvre cannot be used in
conjunction with Power Attack or any feats in its chain. Also, each attack suffers a –2 penalty to damage and the armour piercing rating of the weapon is reduced by two.

Combat Rotation

You have learned to dive into the midst of melee combat to take the place of allies, thus relieving them from the fight and allowing them to retreat.
Prerequisites: Mobility, base attack bonus +3 or higher, Formation Combat.
Circumstance: An ally must be within five feet of you, engaged in combat and you may not be
Effect: You may changeplaces with any ally within 5 feet who is currently engaged in melee combat. This is a standard action on your part and does not generate an attack of opportunity either on yourself or your ally. This occurs during your Initiative of the round and does not affect that of your ally’s in any way. Combat Rotation may not be used if the ally is unwilling to give up his position in the combat or if you are already threatened by an enemy.

Counter Charge

You push off your stance as an enemy closes to fight you, meetng him earlier than he intended and disrupting his momentum. If he is not prepared for a sudden change in his attack, he could leae himself open for yur own deadly attack.

Action: Immediate/Standard
Prerequisites: Dex 13+, Fleet-Foooted or Run.
Circumstances: While currently using the Delay combat move and being charged by an enemy, you move out to meet them.
Effect: When an enmy delcares a charge against you whle you are on a d Delay action, you can nominate to Counter Charge. You move at least firve feet wowad the enemy while thye move toward you, stopping roughly halfway between your two startng positions. The enmey then makes his attack; albeit without any bonuses to hit from chargeing (penalties still apply normally). nonce his attack has been made, if you survived the blow you may then make your own charge attack as normal. Your initiatve reult is modified to one less than the enemy countercharged after this attack is resolved.

Dance Aside

You shift out of the reach of incompetent opponents.

Prerequisite: Dodge
Circumstance: Your opponent misses you by half your total AC, and there is at least one unoccupied adjacent square.
Effect: You take a 5 foot step as a free action into any empty square.

Dazing Blow

You use the flat of your blade to graze or slap a sensitive part of the target and daze them.

Action: Standard
Prerequisities: Base attack bonus 2, Heal 4 Ranks.
Circumstance: The character uses a melee weapon that has a flat or blunt side to use to inflict nonlethal damage.
Effect: The character can make a dazing blow as a standard attack action against any target wearing light or no armour. Unless the weapon used is desigened only to finflict nonlethal damage (sap, unarmed etc), this attack will have a -4 penalty to hit. If fuccessful, the target must pass a Fortitude save at DC12 or be considered staggardd until the end of their turn.

Death From Above

You can combine melee attacks with jumps.

Prerequisites: Jump 6 ranks, base attack bonus +4
Circumstance: You must be jumping down on an opponent
from higher ground.
Effect: When you jump onto a melee opponent as part of a charge attack, you gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls for that attack.

Decapitating Slash

You take advantage of an opponent’s dropped defences to slice his head clean off. This leaves you open to counterattack and so is usually only done if you are only fighting one opponent.

Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +10, Int 11.
Circumstance: Your opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from you. The opponent must be vulnerable to critical hits and massive damage effects.
Effect: You attempt a particularly devastating attack of opportunity. If you score a critical hit against your opponent, he must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 5 + total damage dealt, after taking into account damage reduction) or be instantly killed, his head severed. You suffer a -4 circumstance penalty to your Defence for the one round immediately following your attack of opportunity.

Desperate Stab

You make a stab for your opponent’s heart or throat before combat has otherwise begun, relying on quickness but desperately gambling that the attack will be sufficient to slay them instantly, since it leaves you wide open to a counterattack.

Action: Standard
Prerequisite: Improved Initiative, base attack bonus +15.
Circumstance: It must be the first round of combat, the character’s opponent must be unable to use Dodge Defence or Parry Defence through being flat-footed and the attack must be made with finesse.
Effect: As the first attack of the combat, a character may attempt to slay his enemy outright. The attack is made as normal. If it hits, the opponent must make a Fortitude
saving throw (DC = damage dealt by the attack) or die instantly. If the opponent is still alive, he gains a +2 circumstance bonus to his attack rolls and

Devastating Sweep

You can swing your weapon around, forcing your foes back to clear sufficient space for you to flee.

Prerequisite: Whirlwind Attack.
Circumstance: You must be wielding a slashing weapon, either one-handed or two-handed. At least five of the squares adjacent to you must be occupied. You must not be attacking with finesse.
Effect: As a standard action, you may swing your weapon in a sweep around you. Any characters within 5 feet of you have the option of immediately taking a 5-foot step away from you as a free action, so as to be out of range. You gain an attack against any characters that do not choose to move away, at your highest base attack bonus.

Distracting Arrow

Your shot draws your foe’s attention, putting him off his guard.

Action: Standard
Prerequisite: Precise Shot.
Circumstance: Firing at a foe.
Effect: The character must take a –4 penalty to his attack roll. If he still hits, his target

Distant Tumble

You roll, somersault and flip to avoid enemies and dangers.

Prerequisites: Acrobatic, Tumble must be a class skill for at least one of your classes.
Circumstance: Must be dodging
Effect: You can tumble up to your full movement without provoking attacks of opportunity. The DC for your Tumble check is equal to your movement rate. If you want to Tumble
30 feet, you must make a Tumble check (DC 30). If you fail, you fall prone halfway through the movement and suffer 1d6 nonlethal damage.

Disarm in Twos

While disarming an opponent using a whip is relatively simple for any experienced soldier, you know how to make it easier by simultaneously striking out with your off-hand
weapon. The two attacks combined allow you to disarm your enemies with ease.

Prerequisites: Weapon Specialisation (whip), Weapon Specialisation (off-hand weapon)
Circumstance: Must be wielding both a whip and another weapon.
Effect: When making a disarm attack with a whip, you may roll a second attack against the opponent using your other weapon. If both attacks are successful, you receive a
+4 circumstance bonus to the roll to determine whether the victim is disarmed.

Distracting Snap

One of the great tools of the whip is the fear its use inspires within others. The snap of the whip can be disconcerting, especially when it fl ashes bare inches from the face. You know
how to distract your opponents with your whip, allowing your off-hand weapon a wider opening.
Prerequisites: Dexterity 14+, base attack bonus +4, Exotic Weapon Profi ciency (whip), Weapon Focus (whip).

Circumstance: You must be fi ghting with a whip in one hand and another weapon in the other.
Effect: You may choose to use this ability in any round you do not otherwise use your whip. Instead, you may occupy one opponent with the whip, distracting him from your offhand
weapon. The enemy must make a Will save at DC 20 or suffer a –2 circumstance penalty to Defence for the rest of the round. Distracting Snap does not affect creatures immune to critical hits.

Double Adjustment

By flipping and rising quickly back to your feet, you can accomplish a 10-foot adjustment in lieu of a move action.

Prerequisites: Acrobatic, Tumble must be a class skill for at least one of your classes
Effect: Instead of a 5-foot step, you can make a 10-foot adjustment by making a Tumble check (DC 30). If the adjustment would cause an attack of opportunity, you can avoid it by making a Reflex save (DC 10 + highest opponent’s base attack bonus). Because of the acrobatic strain involved in this manoeuvre, it cannot be attempted two rounds in a row.

Fatigue and Exhaust the Foe

You wind your foe severely, imposing fatigueby wearing him down.

Prerequisites: Endurance
Circumstance: Must sacrifice two points of damage per fatiguing attack.
Effect: When your attacks connect, the target must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 10 +
½ your character level + Str modifier) or be rendered unable to run or charge and take a
–2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity. If struck a second time, the target has a +4 bonus to
its saving throw and is rendered exhausted if it fails. It moves at half speed and takes a
–6 penalty to Strength and Dexterity. Both conditions vanish at the end of the encounter
(if the target manages to survive, that is). Each fatiguing stroke does 2 points less damage
than it would otherwise do and the armour piercing rating of the weapon is reduced by
one. These strikes are intended to wear down the foe, not rip him apart.

Fear the Butcher

Using a weapon with a stout blade, you strike at your foes with lateral arcs, splattering you and the surroundin area with gore as you brutally saly your foes. Those who look upon the scene are usre to fear for their lives.

Action: Standard
Prerequisites: Constittuion 12+, Deadly (new feat)
Circumstance: The character nflicts painful and terrible wounds upon his enemy in order to demoralize the victim’s allies.
Effect: when makng an attack with a bladed weapon of some kind, the character can choose to take a penalty to his attack in the samve fashon as he wuld use Power attack (maximum -10 however). If the attack hits and inflicts damage, all lviving intellignt creatures within 30 feet that can see the grisly display must immediately pass a DC 15 Will save modified by the character’s reductio nin his attack bonus or become demoralized for 1d3 rounds.

Feint and Lunge

By concentrating on misdirection, you are able to strike at one area of an opponent’s body, only to reverse direction at the last instant to strike somewhere else.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus 6, Intelligence 10, Bluff 8 ranks
Effect: When carrying out a full attack action, you may roll twice for your first attack, accepting the better of the two results. This manoeuvre has no effect upon an enemy who
also meets the prerequisites because they know and anticipate such manoeuvres. You must be wearing light or no armour to use this feat.

Force Back

Your powerful attack forces an opponent to move 5ft back or take extra damage.

Prerequisite: Power Attack, BAB +4
Circumstance: You are fighting in melee with a foe of equal or smaller size.
Effect: As as standard action, you make a Power Attack with an additional -4 penalty to the attack role. If the attack hits, your opponent may choose to move five feet back away from you (not as a five foot step, so provoking any attacks of opportunity as normal), or take double your Power Attack bonus (remember that doubling a 2x multiplier results in a 3x multiplier). You may follow your retreating opponent (if he moves) without provoking attacks of opportunity.

Fling Aside

If you are sufficiently strong, you can simply pick up your enemy one-handed and hurl him aside.

Prerequisite: Str 15, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip.
Circumstance: You must have one hand free.
Effect: Make a melee touch attack to grab your opponent, then a grapple check against his Grapple Defence, just as though you were starting a grapple. If the grapple check succeeds, you throw your opponent to the ground. You are not grappling him but the impact with the ground deals damage to him as though you had hit him with an unarmed strike and he is prone as though you had tripped him.

Hooking Parry

You swing your axe (or similar martial weapon) around the shaft of your enemy’s weapon, holding it out of line so it cannot be used.

Action: Immediate
Prerequisite: Dexterity 13, base parry bonus +1.
Circumstance: The character has just used an axe, battleaxe, bill, bardiche or polearm to parry an enemy’s reach weapon.
Effect: So long as one does not use the parrying weapon for any other purpose (including making further attacks or parries) his opponent may not use his reach weapon for any purpose either. As a standard action the opponent may make an attack roll with his weapon opposed to the character’s Parry Defence with his weapon. If the opponent is successful with this opposed attack roll, or if the character moves out of range of his reach weapon, he may wield his weapon normally again.

Human Shield

You swing your distracted enemy around so as to attempt to parry another enemy’s attack with the body.

Prerequisite: Strength 13, Improved Grapple.
Circumstance: Earlier this round you have dealt damage to your opponent while grappling him, and are now being attacked by another character while still grappling the first.
Effect: If you succeed in a grapple check, you may use your grappled opponent to block an attack, just as though he were a shield. Your attacker must beat grapple check -2 to hit you, or you block the attack with the grappled foe. If you successfully parry the second opponent’s attack, full damage from that attack is dealt to the opponent you are grappling.

Improvised Attack

You grab an object and use it as an improvised weapon as part of an attack.

Action: Free
Prerequisite: Str 13, Dex 13.
Circumstance: A character is making a melee attack on a foe and there is another enemy within reach. The character must have one hand free.
Effect: By taking a –2 circumstance penalty on his first attack roll against a target, the character may immediately make an extra attack at his highest base attack bonus on a second foe within reach. This second attack must use an improvised weapon. A character can only make one Improvised Attack per round and must use a different improvised weapon or select a different target each time.

Kip up

You flip back up to your feet from a prone position.

Action: Immediate
Prerequisite: Jump 5 ranks or Tumble 5 ranks, Mobility.
Circumstance: The character has just been knocked prone.
Effect: The character may immediately make a Jump or Tumble check (DC 20) as a reaction to having been knocked over. If successful, he immediately regains his footing. He

Knock Back

On a powerful attack, you can push foes a step back from you.
Reqrequisits: Strength 15+, BAB +6, Power Attack.
Circumstance: you must hit an opponent and socre maximum damage.
Effect: Your opponent must make a Fort save against DC 0 + the damagfe dealt. On your opponent’s fail save, you knock him back five feet. Special size mods apply to the save attempt, unless you are of the same size of your opponetn, in which case the modifer is +0. If your opponent is Colossal, then he receives a +16 tc. If you knock an opponetn tinto a square he cannot opccupy, or one occupied by another opponent, he takes an additional 1d6 + Strenght modifer in damage. Creatures immunie to critial hts are immune to knock backs.

Leaping Charge

You recklessly leap in to combat.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +6, 5 or more ranks in Jump skill
Effect: When you make a charge attack, you may make a second attack at your highest base attack bonus, though both attacks are at a -2 circumstance penalty. The circumstance penalty to your Defence for charging is increased from the usual -2 to -4.

Leave them for dead

You ignore lesser foes, trusting your attack to finish them.

Prerequisite: Cleave, BAB +6
Circumstance: You have just struck and damaged an opponent in melee, but not dropped them.
Effect: The opponent may make an attack of opportunity at +4 against you. You may make a Cleave attack on another opponent within range, as if you had downed the first opponent. You may use this technique with Great Cleave, but can only attack each opponent in range once.

Masterful Disarm

You knock your opponent’s weapon from his grasp with one hand and catch it with the other.

Action: Standard
Prerequisite: Dex 13.
Circumstance: The attacker must be using a one-handed weapon and have his other hand free.
Effect: If the attacker beats his opponent in the opposed disarm roll by five or more, the attacker may immediately make a Dexterity check (DC 15). If he succeeds, he catches
whatever object he just knocked out of his opponent’s grasp in his other hand.

Monkey’s Charge

When you rush your enemy weapon in hand, you ar a hard toarget to hit. you flip, leapn and roll toward your foe like the howling monkeys of the Blcak Kingdoms.

Action: Full round
Prerequisities: Dex 15+ Dodge Tumble 6 ranks
Circumstance: The chaacter announces a charge action aimed at a visible enemy within a standard move action.
Effect: the character moves up to his standard speed away from his current position, moving in a straight line through unobstructed terrain. The charge ignores threatened squares for the purpose of attack of opportunity and ends with a single melee attack. Due to the tumbling and rollnig of the movement the character dose not suffer the normal -2 penalty to the character’s Defence, but only recives a bonus +1 to attack. This bonus does not chagne the effects of a charge upon a Bull Rush or Overrun.

Naming the Stroke

You taunt your oppnent by telling him exactly how you will wound him before you do it.

Action: Full Round
Prerequisites: Called Strike, Cha. 13+, Base attack bonus 3+, Weapon Focus
Circumstance: the character proclaims exactly where he is about to strike his opponent, then does o
Effect: the attacking character verbally announces where he is planning on hitting his opponent, then makes an opposed Sense Motive skill check vs. the Target’s Reflex saving throw. If successful the attacker gets a +2 bonus to attack his target in the specified area instead of the normal penalties of a called Strike (see above). If the attacker’s skill check fails, the attack continues as a noraml Called Strike with DOUBLE normal panalties.

Negate Sneak Attack

You may attempt to roll out of a sneak attack.

Prerequisites: Acrobatic, Tumble must be a class skill for at least one of your classes
Circumstance: You must not be fl at-footed and you must have just been struck with a sneak attack and not suffering the effects of being stunned, dazed or dazzled. You must be
aware of your attacker’s location. You must also have somewhere to move to.
Effect: So long as you are not fl at-footed, you may attempt to turn and roll out of an attempted sneak attack. If you have just been struck with a sneak attack, you must make a Tumble check (DC 30). The tumbling action moves you 5 feet in any direction you choose that is not currently occupied. If there is nowhere to move to, you cannot Negate Sneak Attack.
Using this manoeuvre successfully reduces the hit to its normal damage, negating the extra dice rolled for a sneak attack. If the Tumble check (DC 30) is failed, the manoeuvre is unsuccessful and you provoke an attack of opportunity from anyone else (not the sneak attacker) who threatens you.

Pantherish Twist

When two attackers attempt to flank you, you twist away at the last moment, forcing them to attack one another.

Prerequisite: Improved Uncanny Dodge, Dodge.
Effect: If two opponents move into positions which usually would allow them to flank you if you did not have Improved Uncanny Dodge, you can choose to force both of them to make opposed Dexterity checks with you. If one or both of them lose the opposed Dexterity check with you, he or they must attack the other enemy instead of attacking you. However, if one or both of them win the opposed Dexterity check, there is a +2 circumstance bonus on his or their attack and damage rolls against you. These effects only ever apply to the first attack each opponent makes.

Punishing Strike

You may make an additional attack whenever you successful score a crital hit.
Prerequistis: BAB +12, Cleave, Greater Cleave, Power Attack.
Circumstances: you must have critially hit an opponent.
Effect: You may immediately make another attack roll against the same opponent at the same attack modifer as the one tha scored the critical hit. You may make only one punishing strike per round.

Quick Draw Two-Weapon Bluff
You have learned how to f eign that your fighting style revolves around only one weapon, drawing the off hand weapno at an opportune time to completely surprise your oppnent.
Prerequistis: Dex 19+, BAB 12, Bluff 5, Improved Feint, Quick Draw, Two-weapon fighting
Circumstance: You must be wielding a weapon in your primary hand but nothing in your off hand.
Effect: You may tttempt a Bluff check to feint, following the normal rules of rthe Bluff check except as follows. If the Bluff succeeds, you may immediately draw a light weapon with you off hand as a free action. Your opponent lses his ability to parry r doddge against any attacks you make with the off hand weapon fr one full round, starting the moment you draw it.

Ranged Disarm

Taking careful aim, you shoot the weapon out of your enemy’s hand.

Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, BAB +4
Effect: As a standard action, you and the defender make opposed attack rolls. You take a -4 penalty, the defender takes the normal penalties and bonuses of the Disarm move. If you win, roll half damage against the defender. If the result is 1 or more after any damage reduction, the defender has dropped their weapon to the floor in their space.


When fighting defensively, you parry skillfully enough to open up your opponent’s defence.

Prerequisite: Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, BAB +4
Circumstance: Using Combat Expertise
Effect: If your attacker misses you by more than half your defence, you may make an attack of opportunity against him.

Shield of Blades

You learn to block with your off-hand weapon, leaving your primary weapon to attack.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +4, Two-Weapon Combat, Weapon Focus in both weapons used
Circumstance: You must be fi ghting with two melee weapons in a full-attack action.
Effect: While carrying out a full attack action, you gain a +2 defl ection bonus to your Parry Defence as you constantly parry with your offhand weapon. You may not make any attacks with the off-hand weapon whilst you use this manoeuvre.

Shield Slam

A character blocks so forcefully that he knocks his opponent’s blade far to one side, opening him up for a devastating counter-attack.

Action: Immediate
Prerequisite: Base parry bonus +2.
Circumstance: The character must be parrying with a shield.
Effect: When a character parries an opponent’s attack, the defending character may make an opposed Strength check against his foe. If he loses, his opponent immediately damages the defender’s shield as if he had succeeded in a sunder attempt (see below). If he succeeds, his opponent suffers a –2 circumstance penalty to his Parry Defence until his next action.

Stunt Attack

You are skilled at using terrain to aid your attacks.

Prerequisites: Tumble 10 ranks, Dexterity 15+
Circumstance: Must be fighting in a tight area.
Effect: When fighting in a tight area, such as in an alleyway, within a building or among a clump of close trees, you may attempt to use a spectacular stunt to attack your opponent from an unexpected direction. The player must describe a spectacular attack. For example, your character may leap into the area, kick out his legs to brace himself between two walls and stab down with his weapon at an opponent. This manoeuvre is a full-round action, allowing you to make a standard move and attack. Before resolving the attack, you make a Tumble check opposed by your opponent’s attack roll. If the check beats the attack’s result, the stalker loses his Dexterity or Strength bonus to his defence against your attack. Otherwise, resolve the attack as normal.

Sudden Strike

You have mastered the fine art of the sudden, unexpected strike in complex terrain.
Prerequisites: Hide 5 ranks, Move Silently 5 ranks
Circumstance: 10 minutes of preparation in an area before a battle; must be hiding
Effect: You rise up from the shadows to strike down your foes in a single, savage blow. If you take ten minutes to prepare an area before a battle and take cover, you gain a +10 competence bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks in that area and a +5 bonus to attack rolls on the first round of combat if you surprise your opponents.

Sundering Parry

Rather than simply setting aside an opponent’s weapon, you attempt to hack it through with your own.

Action: Immediate
Prerequisite: Improved Sunder, base parry bonus +1.
Circumstance: The character must be parrying.
Effect: The defender takes a –2 circumstance penalty to his Parry Defence. However, if he succeeds in parrying his enemy’s weapon, he may immediately make a sunder attempt as a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. All the usual modifiers apply (including the +4 bonus for the Improved Sunder feat) and the defender suffers an additional –2 circumstance penalty to the sundering attack roll.

Swinging Attack
You swing on a hanging object, such as a vine or rope, and attack someone.

Prerequisites: Climb 5 ranks, Dexterity 13.
Circumstance: You start your move hanging onto a rope or other hanging object.
Effect: There are three possible effects. You can initiate a bull rush, which will not provoke an attack of opportunity but will add a +1 bonus to the Strength check for every five feet you move. You can instead initiate a melee attack, gaining a +1 bonus for higher ground and suffering no attack of opportunity for swinging by the defender. You may instead opt to knock the target off his feet, making a trip attack with a +1 bonus to the opposed roll for every five feet travelled. The trip attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The trip also deals the target 1d6 points of nonlethal damage. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you are pulled off your rope and take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage, falling five feet away from your opponent. In order to dismount next to the target, you must make a Tumble check (DC 15) or fall prone. Otherwise you hold onto the rope until your next action.

Switch Opponents

You can grab your ally as a melee touch attack and trade positions.

Prerequisites: Acrobatic, Tumble 5 ranks
Circumstance: Your ally must be in melee combat and within 5 feet of you.
Effect: On your turn, you can grab your ally as a melee touch attack and trade positions with a Tumble check (DC 20). You can delay your action and wait for your ally to be attacked and perform this manoeuvre when that condition occurs. If you succeed at the check, the ally is now in your square and you are now engaging the opponent in question. If you fail this check, you provoke an attack of opportunity from your ally’s opponent, even if you are not in its threatened area; no switch occurs. If you are in someone’s threatened area when you take this action, you must also make another Tumble check (DC 20) to avoid the attack of opportunity you provoke by doing this. Your chosen ally does not provoke an attack of opportunity of any kind as a result of this manoeuvre.


Your skill as a grappler allows you use o of your arms and legs in tandem, throwing a foe off-balance while joining them on the grund to continue your wrestle. Once you have your enemy on the ground and still in your grip, they have little chance to escape.

Action: Full-round
Prerequisites: Dex 13+, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip
Circumstance: the character must be adjacent to a foe grabbing them with a normal grapple before tiwisting them inot a prone positions
Effect: the character can ues this combat manoeuvre as part of a standard grapple check. If successful and a hold is attained, the character can then immediately attempt to pull the victim to the ground with him. This requires a contested grapple check beteen the combantants, with the attacker’s success knocking both characters prone in the samve five foot square thy are currently in. All normal grappling rules apply (except any movement is impossible), but the defender suffers a a -4 penalty to try and break free of the grapple due to his inability to use height or weight from a prone position.

Tiger’s Pounce
Using your strong legs and charging momentum, you add extra pwoer behind yoru fists when you reach your target.

Action: Full-round
Prerequisities: Improved Unarmed Strike, Jump 4 Ranks
Circumstance: the character leaps at a n enemy, beginning his attacks while in mid-air to land more blows as he lands.
Effect: the character can use this combat manoeure to prform a Jump skill check as aprt of a charrge. The character can then make a full-round action’s worth of unarmed attacks at a single target, so long as their jump skill check brought them within attack range. These attacks are made a a a -2 penalty to hit but made add +1 to all damage rolls.

To the Hilt

You take advantage of your enemy’s lack of armour to plunge your weapon deeper into his body, leaving it amidst his flesh.

Prerequisite: Power Attack, base attack bonus +4.
Circumstance: Must be attacking with a piercing or slashing weapon against an unarmoured opponent. Declare you are using this move before making the attack.
Effect: You gain a +1 circumstance modifier to your damage roll. However, if your damage rolled with the weapon (before any modifiers for Strength, sneak attacks and bonuses of any kind) is higher than your Strength modifier, your weapon sticks into your enemy, whether he is living or dead. You or another character, including the one with the weapon stuck in him if he is still alive, can remove a stuck weapon by taking a full-round action and making a Strength check (DC 10). Often characters will find it easier and quicker to draw or pick up an alternate weapon. A character with a weapon stuck in him sustains 1d4 damage every time he takes a move, standard or full-round action.

Unbalancing Attack

You know how to throw an opponent off-balance.

Prerequisites: Balance 1 rank
Circumstance: You must be in melee combat, make a full attack action and succeed at a Balance check (DC 15) as a free action.
Effect: By using one of your attacks, the target does not suffer damage when struck, but the force of the blow throws him off-balance. The target makes a Reflex saving throw (DC 10
+ ½ the attacker’s character level + Str modifier) or lose his Dexterity bonus to Dodge Defence. If you fail the Balance check, you must make the same Reflex save or suffer the same consequence.

Vault Over Opponent

You can flip over your current melee opponent as your 5-foot adjustment.

Prerequisites: Jump 5 ranks, Tumble 5 ranks
Circumstance: You must be engaged in melee combat.
Effect: By making a Tumble check (DC 25), you may flip over your current melee opponent (who cannot be more than one size category larger than you) as your 5-foot step. You will provoke an attack of opportunity with this movement unless you also succeed at a Reflex save (DC 20). No other movement action is possible this round, but you may still take any other full round action in conjunction, including a full attack action. The shock and surprise factor involved in this manoeuvre grants your first attack against your opponent a +2 circumstance bonus. This bonus cannot be applied more than once against the same opponent in the same combat. If you fail the Tumble check, you take no movement at all and fall prone in your current location.

Whip (Weapon Strike) Trip

The entangling ability of a whip makes it easy for those who also use a weapon in the other hand to trip their opponents. By using a medium weapon in tandem with the whip, you use the other weapon to strike the opponent off-balance whilst entangled, toppling the opponent easily.

Prerequisites: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip), Improved Trip
Circumstance: You must be wielding a whip and another medium weapon in combat.
Effect: When making a trip attack against an opponent with your whip, you may roll a second attack with your other weapon. If both attacks are successful, you receive a +4 circumstance bonus to the opposed Strength or Dexterity check.

Whip Ensnare

Once an opponent is entangled by your whip, they lose a great deal of control in the combat.

Prerequisites: Combat Refl exes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip), base attack bonus +9
Circumstance: You must be wielding a whip.
Effect: As a standard action, you may attempt to entangle your opponent. This requires a successful ranged touch attack against an enemy with your whip. If successful, the opponent
is considered entangled and you can manoeuvre around your enemy so your offhand attacks and the attacks of your allies are more precisely aimed. Any attacks made by your off-hand weapon or by your allies receive a +2 circumstance bonus to both attack and damage rolls. The entangled opponent can try to escape by making an opposed Strength, Dexterity or Escape Artist check against your Strength or Dexterity check. If the victim wins this opposed check, he frees himself. This does not function against creatures greater than large size.

Yeoman’s Bane

A defensive manoeuvre, you know hotwo to best hold your shild and weapon to defend yourself against incoming arrows and bolts.

Action: Move
Prerequsists: Wis 13+, Toghness
Circumstance: The character advanced with his shdile and weapon covering his vital organs.
Effect: As the character moves, he mady choose to do so at half normal speed. If he dose this, he is allowed to use his Parry Defence against attacks from arrows or bolts and counts the shield’s Shild Bonus as Damage REdutin for those tsame types of attacks. The character must not currently be in melle combat nad has to be wileding a shield and one handed weapon to us this combat manoeuvre.

Combat Maneuvers

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