Power Points

  • Spells cost Power Points.
  • All Sorcerers have Base Power Points.
  • A Sorcerer can gain more Power Points by making sacrifices (highly specific. Ask GM for info).
  • A Sorcerer can gain more Power Points through Power Rituals (highly specific. Ask GM for info).

Pushing it: A sorcerer with 7 Power Points can cast a spell up to 14 Power Points in power (that is, 7 down to 0 then down to -7). When below 0, the Sorcerer simply cannot cast another spell even if he has enough negative points. Once below 0, spell casting ends until the Power Points are regained.

Rules of Sorcery:

1) Rule of Success: If a Sorcerer kills enemies, he gains moral bonsues to all attack and magic attack rolls mae untl the end of the round after the one in which he killed the opponents. The bonus is cancelled immediately if the sorcerer loses any HP during the round in which he gained the bonus. If the sorcerer attempts the same spell he just succeeded in, the Power Points are reduced by half.

2) Rule of Impermanence: When a sorcerer’s HP are reduced below zero, all his craetions must make a DC 25 Will Save or die/disintegrate.

3) Rule of Defence: A Defensive Blast is a powerful spell that can only be triggered when the Sorcerer is attacked. It is an immediate action but cannot be cast if the sorcerer is Flat Footed. This expends all Power Points of the sorcerer.

4) Rule of Obsession: If a sorcerer becomes obsessed with anything but magic, it negatively effects his Power Points. If the sorcerer can blend his obsession into his magical practice, it will increase his power. These obsessesions are played out as sub-quests in the game. See GM for details.

5) Rule of the Master: A master sorcerer can bluff his followers and use their Power Points through a magical link/Power Transfer. The servants can also aid in Power Rituals (above).

6) Rule of the Sorcerer’s Soul: Sorcerers and other magical creatures can see into each others soul and gain knowledge about them. This is an opposed check.

Mighty Spells: some spells are so powerful, they can take on a power of their own. See GM for details on these Mighty Spells.

Magic Attack Roll: 1d20 + Magic Attack Bonus + Charisma Modifier.

Overcharging a Spell: For every extra Power Point spent on a spell (above the normal spell cost), the sorcerer gets a +1 bonus to his magic attack roll.


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